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Last Resort – “Captain”

Last Resort - "Captain" [S01E01]

Rating: A-


It’s been a while since a new broadcast drama hasn’t completely disappointed me. Either it was a lackluster pilot not at all living up to my expectations (FlashForward, The Event, Terra Nova, etc.) or the pilot was incredible, but due to a lack of viewers, I never got more than a season with these shows (Kings, Awake, Lonestar). So when the pilot (“Captain”) for Last Resort surfaced, I was reluctant to give it a try. I’ve been burned one too many times by shows claiming to be “the next LOST,” a term that hurts a show far more than it ever helps it. But maybe that should be my new approach to new dramas, keep my expectations exceptionally low. However, that turns out to be unnecessary because I can’t remember that last time a broadcast television pilot has left me nearly speechless.

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Parks and Recreation – “Ms. Knope Goes to Washington”

Parks and Recreation - "Ms. Knope Goes to Washington" [S05E01]

From left: Chris Pratt, Amy Poehler

Rating: A

Somewhere along the way Parks and Recreation became my favorite running show on television, and I’m not quite sure how that happened. I don’t know at which point a comedy about the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana (not Missouri, because that place is a total craphole) became my most anticipated television show of the season, even above the acclaimed AMC dramas. It could be that Parks is easily my most blogged about show, so I naturally formed a connection with it. It could be that nearly every episode left me feeling boundlessly happy. It could be that it was the most consistent comedy out of the four major NBC Thursday night comedies (the others being The Office, Community, and 30 Rock). Or it could be that Parks has some of the most likable and endearing characters, most gut-busting and well structured writing, and most optimistic atmosphere on television, making it one of the best all around shows on today.

Still, maybe I shouldn’t have been setting my hopes up too high, because maybe I didn’t want to be let down by the season 5 premiere. Last season’s finale, “Win, Lose, or Draw,” was about as perfect as Parks and Rec could get. But while it did create a great deal of potential storylines, it also generated a lot of uncertainty about the future of the show. How will Leslie deal with her new job as city councilwoman? What will the show do now that it doesn’t have a central story arc (the campaign)? Will we get too much needless drama resulting from Ben and Leslie’s long-distance relationship? And will this finally be the season that the show starts its decline and Parks burns out? So even though I was giddy with anticipation about the new season, I was equally as apprehensive. Read the rest of this entry

Go On – “There’s No “Ryan” In Team”

Go On - "There's No "Ryan" In Team" [S01E03]

From left: John Cho, Matthew Perry

Rating: B

Sharing our feelings is difficult. As much as we would like to, we don’t really choose who we open up to, we don’t choose who we’re comfortable with. We want to think that our friends would be the first people we can share our grief with, but our level of intimacy with them can cause that kind of dialogue to be awkward and deeply impersonal. It’s easy to be around our friends, but they might not be the best people to broach the topic of loss with.

And the situation is as difficult for them as it is for us; they feel just as helpless in their inability to help us as we do in our inability to cope. Because they are our friends they take it as a personal responsibility to help us. But what can they offer except for a sincere, but hollow, “I’m sorry for your loss,” or flash us those sad, pitying eyes? Grief can’t be combated by more sadness. Familiarity doesn’t really mean anything in this circumstance.

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Liveblogging the 64th Emmy Awards

It’s that time of the year again! When all of television’s biggest stars gather to celebrate the best (or some of the best) that television has to offer. But don’t have anyone else to enjoy the awards with? Want to cheer along as your favorite show wins or vent about how out of touch the Emmys are Why not join myself and Thomas (from over at as we drunkenly ramble offer up our unique insights on the event? Our coverage starts around 7:30 PM EDT on Sunday, September 23.

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What follows is a list of the major award categories along with who/what I think will win (in bold) and who/what I’d like the winner to be (*).

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Go On – “He Got Game, She Got Cats”

Go On - "He Got Game, She Got Cats" [S01E02]

Allison Miller

Rating: B-

Grieving is a wholly selfish process, and it should be. The pain of loss is crippling and unforgiving, threatening to consume us at every turn. So we fight it by acting out and bringing other people into our misery because if there’s someone else there to share it then the pain might become that much less miserable. The human need to form a connection with someone is at its strongest when we’re at our weakest; we need to know that someone else feels what we feel, and more importantly, that it’s possible to get past this.

And “He Got Game, She Got Cats” does its best to explore the self-centered aspect of grief. Ryan (Matthew Perry) just can’t bring himself to go home to an empty, so he does whatever he can to avoid facing the hollow loneliness waiting for him. But unfortunately his assistant Carrie (Allison Miller) is unwillingly pulled in by the gravity of his inner turmoil as she accompanies him in his efforts to delay actually dealing with his loss. And here’s where the importance of his therapy group should come in, but sadly Go On‘s uneven storytelling really lessens the impact of its message.

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What’s on the Horizon: The New Shows of 2012-2013

As much as I would like to watch every single new show of the 2012-2013 season, the rational part of me advises otherwise. And I’m sure those that don’t share my obsession have even less time to wade through the massive flood of new television to discover its brightest new additions. So what follows is a list of upcoming series that I think deserve a chance.

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