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Parks and Recreation – “Leslie and Ben”

Parks and Recreation -

From left: Adam Scott, Amy Poehler

Rating: A

Like a few past Parks and Recreation episode, “Leslie and Ben” was written with the mindset that this would be the show’s final episode. But unlike the show’s past potential series finales (“Win, Lose, or Draw” being one of them), “Leslie and Ben” had an amazing feeling of finality and goodbye, acting as a heartwarming culmination to a season that already felt as if it were wrapping everything up. And just like those past episodes, “Leslie and Ben” was a brilliant showcase of the incredible writing and acting talent behind this wonderful little show about the lives of a few kind folks in a quirky small-town.

If I can pick out one flaw with the episode it’s this: this was a difficult episode to review. Because I don’t think an entire review of synonyms for ‘perfect’ makes for a particularly interesting read. And if it feels like I’m putting the episode up on a pedestal, it’s because it unquestionably belongs up there.

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Community – “History 101”

Community - "History 101" S04E01

The cast of Community, plus Fred Willard.

Rating: C-

It’s sometimes fun to have my expectations be challenged. After season 8 of The Office I thought the show’s quality could not possibly sink any lower, until season 9 happened. Conversely, my interest in 30 Rock was waning until season 7 – and a perfect finale – reminded me why it was and will remain one of my favorite comedies. So while the news of the creative changes and issues among the cast over on the set of Community made its way around the Internet, I found that I wasn’t too worried about the departure of showrunner Dan Harmon. While Harmon creative vision would be missed, I felt that an established show like Community wouldn’t suffer too much as a result.

I guess I don’t always like having my expectations challenged.

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