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Where to Start?

It’s always difficult making a name for yourself, especially  in an already well overcrowded field. The Internet has no shortage of television bloggers, each offering their own thoughts about the latest episodes. It seems that in order to break into the field of TV blogging, a new blogger not only has to have his own unique style, but it also has to be one that seems familiar to readers. A blog where each post is a lengthy tirade about the evils of particular program  may be controversial and a fun read initially, but it quickly alienates a large section of potential followers.

Looking to already established TV blogs not only can provide insight on what types shows and types of content tend to draw the largest audiences, but also overall blog designs, writing style, etc. The goal here isn’t to mimic, but rather to seek guidance and inspiration. But looking at the same sites that I’ve frequented in the past only offers so much, so it was important that I visit a site that I was fairly unfamiliar with. And with that I’ve stumbled upon a new television blog: What’s Alan Watching, run by Alan Sepinwall and hosted on HitFix.

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